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The massive popularity of poker has brought a lot of young players into the game, one of those players is Bryn Kenney. He has built his reputation in online games but he has also been able to move on and do well in live games as well. The result is a young player with a very bright future.

Bryn Kenney is another of the younger generation of top poker pros that got his start playing in online games. Born and raised in Long Beach New York he started playing online while he was still a teenager. Like most beginners he started with little money and played in low stakes games. As he kept winning however his bankroll kept growing and he started to play for more and more money. It did not take long before he was making thousands of dollars every month at online poker.

His success in online poker games naturally led to online tournaments. This is something that Kenney has proven to be very good at having won several of them. These tournament wins have meant that his online winnings are now into the several million dollars. This success has led Bryn Kenney to try his hand at live tournaments.

It did not take long for Bryn Kenney to prove that he can be a great live player as well as an online player. His biggest successes have come in World Series of Poker six handed events. These are the games that are most similar to online games which probably explains why Kenney does so well in them. He has not one an event but he has made several finals tables at the World Series of Poker. As more and more people get their start at poker there is more and more interest in six handed games and new events have been added to the World Series of Poker which is good news for Bryn Kenney as he does tend to specialize in them.

While Bryn Kenney is something of a specialist in six handed live games he has also had success in the World Series of Poker main event as well. He has finished in the money on a couple of occasions with a best finish of twenty eighth. As he gains more experience in live games it is likely that he will have more and more success at them.

Bryn Kenney is now facing one of those important career decisions that a lot of great online players face. Although he has had some success in live games he still does far better in online games. He can certainly continue to play in online games and make a very good living. However if he wants to become known as one of the true greats of the game he is going to have to win some major live tournaments.

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