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Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Endless others. What do they all have in common? They make us accessible to everyone. They broadcast what we say and what we do. And a lot of poker players are saying and doing something they should not without fully considering their privacy. They are sharing their poker strategies on these social […]

Poker Tips — How To Win: 2

January 30th, 2010

Now that we have touched on the odds and ends of the pot and the cards, there is another tip that is going to assist you with winning and that is not playing too many hands.  If you are just starting out playing poker, you are probably looking forward to playing a bunch of hands […]

Poker Tips — How To Win: 1

January 2nd, 2010

Whenever you are getting into the game of poker, it is important that you look for some poker tips that will help you win the game.  Not only will my poker tips help you win a lot of the time, but it will also assist with improving your game immensely, which is something that many […]

In poker, reading nonverbal cues is extremely important. It is yet another reason why the game is rather like a sociological study, not to mention a psychological one. At one time or another, pretty much every poker has had some kind of tell. Some players chew their nails when they are waiting to build their […]

Poker as a game is not going to come easy – in fact, it is going to be a very difficult in the beginning to really get a hang of the game, but trust me – it gets easier.  However, whenever you are just starting out, it is very important that you just keep it […]

In the game of poker, there truly are a ton of different reasons why you should raise.  To be honest, most people think that you only need to raise when you have a really good hand and you want to win some more money.  While some of that is true, there are other different reasons […]

Now that we have talked about the few points that you need to remember and practice in the game of poker – the next point that we are going to talk about is perseverance.  This is where you do not give up.  To be honest, you will always get a bad hand in poker – […]

While practicing is something that is very important, the next step for you learn about in order to be a truly good poker player is going to be patience.  To be perfectly honest, poker players should be some of the most patient people in the world – you have to wait for a lot of […]

If there is one great way that you can win at poker it is by bluffing.  Did you know that bluffing in the game of poker is something that every does but very few are actually good at?  This is something that you absolutely need to learn to do and become really good at in […]

To be honest, Texas Hold ‘Em is one of those games that you absolutely need to know exactly what you are doing and tips and tricks don’t hurt do they?  That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog!  Some of the greatest tips and tricks for this incredible version of […]

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