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This hand is too sick to be real. Not because it’s a one-outer, but because it’s a one-outer in the biggest tournament of the year. I would feel so sick if this happened to me. Scott Montgomery does win over 3 MILLION dollars, but I’m sure he’ll be thinking back about this hand, and about […]

What a battle it was for the first place in the main event yesterday. After four months the 2008 World Series of Poker has ended and young prodigy Peter Eastgate is the champion at 22 years of age. He defeated Russia’s Ivan Demidov after playing heads up for a couple of hours early Tuesday morning. […]

I am in awe after seeing my new MAIN MAN Roberto Romanello lay down JJ on a flush-free AKJTT board. — WHAT AN AMAZING LAYDOWN. Roberto, who cashed in the 2006 Main Event even got a WAAW from Mike Matusow. That’s strong. It’s the first hand in this video below — pretty beautiful.

Maya Geller, you’re a hottie!

September 27th, 2008

You all know Patrik Antonius, all you women want his babies, but the only (well, I’m assuming this, hehe) woman really doing him is the ever so gorgeous Maya Geller, poker player and poker player’s wife at the same time… Those who play at a casino online take note of what you are missing; No […]

Hellmuth Tirade: Jim Pittman

April 26th, 2008

I LOVE TO SEE PHIL HELLMUTH GO ON TIRADES. “THIS GUY CAN’T EVEN SPELL POKER”. He’s right though. Phil Hellmuth never does this kind of donkstuff. He’s right. He’s so much better than this guy. KJ. DONKBALL.

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